Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hey all...

Somehow, I can sense someone grinning all day today. Dear junior, I hope you are happy after what you did today. Can I bite you for that?

Well, she planned this since last weekend if I remember it correctly. No, I think its longer than that since I keep pissing her off. hehe... It comes naturally, don't blame me. Okay?

She wanted to do it on Tuesday... She failed. She tried again on Thursday. She failed again. Ahahaha~ Somehow, she got her chance on Friday, because she wanted to borrow a book of mine so... yea she got me.

Today, I have a tasmik test. Whats that? Do your research okay. The truth is I am more nervous on what she is going to do to me at that moment that the test itself. I was like, what should I do... I can't guess what might happen at all.

After, I've done my test, its still early from the time we set to meet. So, I wait for the others to finish their test. Then, I waited at the place where we suppose to meet. I waited there for few minutes. After that she came.

Well, she came with her grinning face. I passed her the book. She told me that she is gonna do it. I said, okay... To make it short, she pinched my right cheek first with her cold hand... I sense her furious through the pressure she pinched. Obviously its hurts. She pinched one more time on my left cheek. I don't know why, I can't remember my face at that moment. The only thing I realize were her cold pinch and my cheek getting numb. Sorry, to that uncle for interrupting you with your newspaper reading. ahaha~

I know it was my fault... at least you have your revenge right? At least you are smiling and laughing. I don't want you to feel down. I'm still smiling as I think about it. I hope you do too.