Saturday, July 23, 2011

No Title 76

I'm in frustration mode currently. My MMC turned out to be a spoiler. It went wrong after I slotted it in the card reader. It happened for the second time and at the most wrong time ever.

The file checker found error so I repaired it... well, it does repair the system back to normal but after I slotted it again the folder turned to a single file. Yet, the size of my MMC is still the same. This is just so frustrating. This fucking MMC has let me down for the 2nd time. I wonder it its just okay for me to break it into two and disposed it or burn it or throw it far away or let it spin in the washing machine... Its just unacceptable! I had pictures! PICTURES!!!!

The hell, I'm so angry right now... So, this is fair huh... One word... Despair...

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